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CS Professional Learning: A Ready-To-Use Component Library

A ready-to-use set of materials to assist in PD delivery of varying lengths.

This comprehensive repository is designed to support educators, STEM coordinators, and professional development (PD) providers with an array of materials that can be tailored to create enriching educational experiences. Whether you're planning a short workshop or a full-term course, our library offers a suite of presentation slides, facilitator notes, and ready-to-implement materials that streamline the development and delivery of professional learning sessions.

Our key objective is to empower PD providers to deliver high-quality computer science education with ease, thereby enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of professional learning in this vital field. By equipping educators with these tools, we aim to foster an environment where the essentials of computational thinking are not just taught but brought to life through interactive and thought-provoking methods. Join us in revolutionizing computer science education and explore our Professional Learning Component Library today on the RU EIR website. For ongoing updates and resources, make sure to subscribe to our email notifications.

To utilize the component library, simply download the slide presentations below and combine them in any order! Each presentation contains a hidden slide with additional guidance to the facilitator. Check back frequently, as additional components and resources are be


Activity - Match Mine
Download PPTX • 132.72MB
Activity - The Orange Game
Download PPTX • 582KB
Activity - Debate Carousel
Download PPTX • 247KB


Demonstration - Parity Magic
Download PPTX • 418KB


Presentation - What is CS
Download PPTX • 2.94MB
Presentation - Computational Thinking
Download PPTX • 4.81MB
Presentation - Cooperative Learning
Download PPTX • 1.25MB


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