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2022 Annual Rutgers University Computer Science Summit on Scalability & Diversity

Hosted by Rutgers University and the CS4NJ Coalition with support from Google

The Rutgers University Center for Computer Science Department alongside the CS4NJ Coalition and with support from Google, Inc. hosted the 2022 New Jersey Computer Science Summit on Scalability and Diversity. This was the 6th of the annual summits and offered over 15 sessions to stakeholders of computer science education focusing on pedagogical approaches, new student learning standards, and common problems of practice.

Keynote presentations were made by Dr. Andrew Torres on facing challenges in CS education as a diverse learning community and by Michael Geraghty, the Chief Information Security Officer for New Jersey and the Director of the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell, on developing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Sessions focused on cybersecurity, diversity and equity in CS education, ethics in computing, dual enrollment and AP courses, and the integration of CS learning standards.

The agenda, speaker information, session descriptions, and links to available slides are posted on the summit's webpage.


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